Acne Scar Treatment

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Acne is a very common skin problem in Adolescents. Commonly called as pimples or spots, they can be most troublesome problem and can be difficult to treat. Sometimes they can continue to affect in adult life. They are caused by blockage and inflammation of active glands of the skin. These can be due to  hormonal imbalance  in people with polycystic ovaries. Sometimes acne can be severe and  cause painful swellings on face called cystic acne. Acne can be cause of mental health problems and can lead to low self esteem, depression and avoidant behavior. If not treated in time, they can lead to pigmentation and permanent scarring. 

Management of Acne includes leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise and eating a well balanced diet. Losing weight and exercise can help people with polycystic ovaries and acne.

A good skin care is an important part of treatment. Regular cleansing, hydrating the skin as well as protection from sun should be part of daily routine . Parents can teach their growing children to adopt these lifestyle measures. 

One should visit their doctor to discuss possible treatment options. The doctor can offer creams, antibiotic tablets, birth control pills or a very effective medication called accutane. Be it any treatment, compliance can be a major challenge in youngsters due to their busy schedule. One should try treatment for at least three months to see any results. 

Laser therapy (NdYag) has surfaced as one of the most effective and newer treatment modalities for acne. The laser penetrates deep into the skin and directly  destroys he active glands which produce acne. It also promotes the healing process, an important part of acne treatment. Etoileskin offers this treatment through, Fotona SP Dynamis,  It is a good treatment option for severe and resistant acne. However, anyone can choose this treatment as a first option. It is also a good for people with busy schedule who have difficulty in using medicine on daily basis. The treatments are once a week and typically are for 6 weeks. In severe cases, treatment frequency can be increased to twice a week. Some people need more than six treatments.  

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Dr Ruchika Swaro

Family Physician, Medicare Clinic Calgary and founder member of Etoileskin.