Age is Just a number


Skin Clinic Calgary

Wrinkles and fine lines are the virtues of experience and wisdom. Taking aging as a positive experience is enjoyed by some. How can we keep ‘looking best for age’ ?

I have heard it many times “you are aging gracefully”, “you don’t look like you have grown up children”, ‘You are growing younger each time I see you.”
No, I am not in mode of self-appreciation, rather I want to share some of my knowledge and experience with you.

Here are some common problems as one ages !
Sun exposure over decades leads to pigmentation and freckles. Loss of collagen leads to loose skin over face and neck. Our normal facial expressions like smiling, frowning etc also can develop into deep wrinkles over a period of time.They start as fine lines in people as young as in their early 20s.

Next best quote is ‘prevention is better than cure’
What does this mean in this context ?
Avoiding sun exposure, using sunblocks regularly, avoiding smoking and maintaining hydration is the best form of prevention. In Addition to these measures,start considering Botulinum toxin injections as early in your adult life. This will prevent development of deep wrinkles later on in life.

What else ?
Are you ready for the next quote ?
‘Better late than never’.
If you are in middle life and missed on above, it’s never too late. Consider Botulinum toxin now. This will still help you to stop further wrinkles and may help in correcting current wrinkles. Consider fillers for loss of collagen to help get over loose skin. This will help with some of the lines too and will give a glossy and youthful  skin. The other non injectable option is considering Fotona’s Intra-oral and piano tightening of skin (2D)..

What about dark spots, pigmentation and melasma ?
Consider Fotona’s skin resurfacing and deep fractional treatment. They can help immensely.


“Age is just a number’

Stay beautiful, young, confident, wise and age gracefully.

Dr Ruchika Swaro
Family Physician Medicare Clinic Calgary
Founder/team member, Etoileskin