Two months ago, I would not imagine myself blogging about a Pandemic. As we are adapting to the new normal, we keep thinking about the times of previous normalcy. The nostalgia overpowers at times. Looking back, EtoileSkin has come a … Read More

How to prevent Adult Acne


Acne Treatment Calgary

Adult Acne is seen commonly.  There is a number of prevention methods one can follow. 1. Regular Skin routine – washing face with non-oily face wash at least twice a day especially in the morning and before bedtime. There is a … Read More

Clinical vs medical aesthetics


So what’s the difference between clinical and medical aesthetics? A huge number of industry business are popping up everywhere and it can be overwhelming and confusing to potential clients who are seeking to get advanced aesthetic treatments, where do they … Read More



IntimaLase is a YAG laser therapy. It is a unique incisionless, non-invasive photo thermal tightening of the vaginal canal. We offer a safe and easy treatment that is done in clinic by one of our specialized Doctors. Not a lot … Read More