NightLase Snoring


Revolutionary NightLase treatment that gives you a good night’s sleep. The clinical and medical aesthetics has come so far in high quality equipment advances, so much so that now we can offer a variety of alternative treatments for patients who … Read More

Tight sculpting & fat reduction


A deeper approach to skin tightening. More and more men and woman are seeking alternative treatments to get rid of stubborn fat, when hitting the gym still doesn’t completely eliminate that unwanted fat, people are turning to advanced laser treatments … Read More

Intraoral face lifting


What is intraoral face lift? It is a treatment that treats from the inside out, targeting the loss of laxity, through collagen induction. This treatments improves, tightens the elasticity of the skin creating a plumping effect for a much fuller … Read More

PRP for Hair Growth Stimulation

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As we discussed in our previous blog on the benefits of PRP for skin rejuvenation and healing, let’s take a closer look at how PRP is being used as an alternative to hair stimulation and regrowth. PRP is an excellent … Read More

Let’s talk PRP


There is a huge hype in the medical aesthetics regarding a treatment that Hollywood has made popular, it is known as the vampire facial. Famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian have raved about this treatment and for good reason; it uses … Read More

The science behind laser skin tightening


Let’s talk targeting skin in several layers with our Medical grade FOTONA laser device. Etoile Skin offers targeted treatments to best suit your needs, from low collagen producing treatments to deeply targeted treatments that help plump, lift and tighten skin … Read More