Chemical Peel


Radiating skin enhances your aesthetic appearance. It is well said, “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a long time.” Indeed, our skin has to bear the repercussions of growing age, pollution, environmental changes, medicinal effects, … Read More

Age is Just a number


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Wrinkles and fine lines are the virtues of experience and wisdom. Taking aging as a positive experience is enjoyed by some. How can we keep ‘looking best for age’ ? I have heard it many times “you are aging gracefully”, … Read More

Acne Scar Treatment

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Acne is a very common skin problem in Adolescents. Commonly called as pimples or spots, they can be most troublesome problem and can be difficult to treat. Sometimes they can continue to affect in adult life. They are caused by … Read More

Clinical vs medical aesthetics


So what’s the difference between clinical and medical aesthetics? A huge number of industry business are popping up everywhere and it can be overwhelming and confusing to potential clients who are seeking to get advanced aesthetic treatments, where do they … Read More

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

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Nail infection Nail infections are becoming more and more common, especially in nail salons. There is in increase in the number of fungal infections that occur from unsanitary use of implements. It can be an embarrassing topic for many and … Read More

Tight sculpting & fat reduction


A deeper approach to skin tightening. More and more men and woman are seeking alternative treatments to get rid of stubborn fat, when hitting the gym still doesn’t completely eliminate that unwanted fat, people are turning to advanced laser treatments … Read More

Intraoral face lifting


What is intraoral face lift? It is a treatment that treats from the inside out, targeting the loss of laxity, through collagen induction. This treatments improves, tightens the elasticity of the skin creating a plumping effect for a much fuller … Read More

The science behind laser skin tightening


Let’s talk targeting skin in several layers with our Medical grade FOTONA laser device. Etoile Skin offers targeted treatments to best suit your needs, from low collagen producing treatments to deeply targeted treatments that help plump, lift and tighten skin … Read More