Chemical Peel


Radiating skin enhances your aesthetic appearance. It is well said, “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a long time.” Indeed, our skin has to bear the repercussions of growing age, pollution, environmental changes, medicinal effects, etc. Advancement in cosmetic science technology has discovered wonderful treatments and solutions that have proven their effectiveness against skin problems. One such chemical solution that has worked its wonders on skin by making it smoother, younger and appealing is ‘chemical peels’.

A Chemical peel is a chemical solution that is applied to improve the skin, especially of face, neck, and hands. It is essential to apply this chemical  solution as per given instructions and in a controlled way. After the given time and once the peel solution dries up into blister form. one can feel the difference. It regenerates new skin which  is much smoother and younger than the old skin.

We, at Etoileskin have ensured to utilize best in class range of cosmetics by ‘Alumier MD’ in order to

treat skin problems like hyperpigmentation, decoloration, acne, etc. Chemical Peeling with the help of

these products ensure a young-looking texture to the skin and renders harmonized coloration to the skin in such a way that it naturally unifies with untreated skin of the body.

Negative effects of chemical peel occur if the chemical peels are not cautiously applied or are applied to inappropriate patients. It may cause infection, coloration contrast, scarring or recurrence of herpes.

This skin-resurfacing technique is not for all and it is up to the doctor to see whether the chemical peel is appropriate to address your skin problem or not. It is a major breakthrough in cosmetic science which can relieve you from serious skin concerns to a substantial extent.