‘Chin Up’ !! – Belkyra is here to boost your chin profile


Belkyra double chin treatment

I start my morning by watering my vibrant green plants and the fresh cool breeze on my face energizes my mind. I feel blessed and proud seeing my beautiful flowers blooming in the summer.  I used to find my neighbor trying to jog and while passing, she frets about her weight fullness under her chin.  She told me that she has been watching yoga videos and fitness channels to treat this problem. One day I approached her and told her about this effective Belkyra solution to treat fullness under the chin. The next day, she checked in my clinic and learned all about Belkyra and its effectiveness. As and when she was convinced, she registered herself at Etolileskin for the treatment and after a few sessions, she experienced remarkable changes in her visual appearance.

Why need Belkyra?

Double chin is one of the common causes of worry amongst people who are overweight. The prominent contributing factors are aging, genetics and obesity. This fullness under the chin impacts your aesthetics in different ways. Although, Exercises, Yoga and appropriate intake of food helps in bringing it down but their effects come after months of hard-work & efforts. With Belkyra treatment, you can experience a noticeable difference in your visual appearance and restore happiness in your lives. 

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is the one & only clinically tested and proven deoxycholic acid injection that aids in improving the submental fullness under their chin. Its main purpose is to get rid of those extra fat cells under the chin. The deoxycholic acid is responsible for breaking down & absorbing dietary fat. 

Clinical Facts about Belkyra

  • It is an injectable treatment that has to be administered by a specialized doctor in the field. Let an expert be your guide.
  • It starts showing better results gradually in 2-6 treatment sessions depending on the convexity or fullness under the chin of the patient. Rest assured, each session helps you achieve your goal.
  • This treatment is available for both men and women but, ensure that, they should be above 18 years of age.
  • The downtime period of this treatment is minimal. One may experience side effects after the treatment like swelling, bruising, numbness etc. which shall start diminishing with each session. 
  • Local Anesthesia or ice pack is applied at the treatment area before injecting Belkyra to relieve any discomfort or pain. The best part is that the duration of the session lasts for only 15-20 minutes.
  • Following should not seek for Belkyra treatment:
  1. Pregnant/nursing women;
  2. Allergic to deoxycholic acid;
  3. Undergone plastic surgery in chin/neck areas
  4. Suffering with chin/neck infection or medical condition
  5. Suffering with any other severe medical condition like BP, Cardiac ailment etc.

Myths relating to Belkyra

  • It is a surgical process. No, the patient does not need any surgery rather each session lasts for just 20 minutes.
  • It calls for re-treatment every now & then. No, once you have achieved your desired results, you are finally done with the treatment. 
  • Belkyra improves chin profile after one session only. No, the effects start appearing gradually after a series of customized treatments.
  • There could be significant side effects of this treatment. No, there could be serious side effects also hence it is important to discuss your health condition with the treating doctor and understand the pertaining safety instructions.

How can EtoileSkin help you enhance your chin profile with Belkyra Treatment?

Etoileskin believes in giving satisfaction to its clients and help them glorify their happiness by delivering optimal results to them. The main contributory factors behind our success are our zeal to embrace technological innovation in cosmetic science and our sincere efforts in rendering best services. Our experts are well verse in Belkyra Treatment and have aided many people in getting their desirable chin profile with extreme caution and care. We understand the severity of fullness under the chin and strategize the right course of Belkyra as per the needs of the people. 

Our consultations are non-obligatory and one gets the information about the risks and benefits of the treatment so that you can make an informed decision. 

We offer customized Belkyra treatment at affordable prices and we promise transparency, fairness and veracity in each step of the treatment to our clients. We value your trust and offer our best in our services. Choose Etoileskin to experience goodness in your lives.