Fillers are sterile gel consisting of non-animal, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid (HA) and are made in a laboratory. HA is a natural sugar found in the skin.

Here are some exciting ways injectables can be used to achieve instant, natural results with minimal pain and no downtime.

Frown lines: Strategic placement of Botox between the eyebrows can soften frown lines, resulting in a more relaxed appearance. Botox can also be used to soften and even erase forehead lines.

Eye Circles: Dark eye circles can be quickly improved if the right filler is carefully injected using a cannula - a special blunt-tipped tube that won’t bruise this delicate area.

Temples: With age, the temples can become sunken and hollow. This can be instantly reversed with skilled use of dermal filler.

Crow’s Feet: Carefully injected filler can soften crow’s feet. If used in conjunction with Botox, an amazing relaxed look can be achieved.

Cheeks: As the face ages, the cheeks lose volume which causes them to sag. Dermal filler can replace lost volume in the cheeks, lifting and rejuvenating the whole face.

Nasolabial Folds: The line between the corner of the mouth and nose deepens with age. This fold can look harsh, but the right amount of dermal filler will instantly soften its appearance.

Marionette lines: Nothing ages a face more than those deep lines coming down from the mouth that make you look angry when you’re not. Thankfully, fillers can raise the corners of the mouth and soften these lines.

Lips & Mouth: Lip enhancement is wildly popular, but using filler here can be challenging because attention needs to be given to the whole region of the mouth, not just the lips. Too much filler in the lips can cause a “ducky” appearance.

The selection of Fillers depends on many factors. Book your consult first to know if the fillers are a suitable option for you.