How cool sculpting can reduce stubborn fat?

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Cool sculpting weight loss

Are you worried about your stubborn body fat and needs some ‘magic’ to get rid of it? Then your search for magic is over as cosmetology presents an extremely non-invasive, FDA approved procedure called ‘Cool- Sculpting’. However, this cosmetic procedure needs constant healthy lifestyle modifications in order to produce effective and long-lasting results.  Now, don’t let the stubborn fat, pesky bulge & bumps on your body stop you from wearing your favourite outfit and try cool-sculpting to enhance your appearance as well as confidence. 

What is Cool-Sculpting?……A quick glimpse 

Cool Sculpting is a medically approved, globally popular, non invasive cosmetic procedure to reduce pesky fat on different parts of the body. This treatment destroys subcutaneous fat cells under our skin by cooling them in freezing temperature. In medical jargon, cool sculpting is a branch of ‘Cryolipolysis’. Rest assured, it shall not harm the other surrounding skin cells, skin or tissues of the body.  

What is the procedure? 

Firstly, this treatment can be performed by trained medical practitioner only. The procedure involves the use of an ‘applicator’ which is massaged on the targeted area(s) to cool & destroy the targeted fat via suction & cooling technology. Multiple areas can be treated in either single visit or multiple visits depending on the response & comfort of the patient. Again, the process does not harm or affect the surrounding areas/tissues. The best part is that it is a no-cut, no-scar & extremely effective procedure as it helps the body to suck up destroyed fatty cells in due course of time. 

Facts about cool sculpting 

  • Anesthesia is not required to be given for this procedure. Instead, one can enjoy music, reading or browse on mobile while undergoing the procedure. 
  • It is not a solution for weight loss but a way to reduce stubborn bulges.  
  • There is nil or minimum recovery time. One can start working instantly after the treatment. 
  • The procedure may last from 1 to over 3 hours. 
  • Person sensitive to cold/freezing temperatures or have Raynaud’s disease should not opt for this procedure. 
  • Targeted areas for fat reduction include inner/outer thighs, chin, bra & back fat, arms, flanks, and upper/lower abdominal regions. 
  • Mild side-effects can be experienced after or during the procedure like bruising, swelling, tingling sensation, aching, cramps, skin numbness etc.  

Myths about cool sculpting 

  • It causes pain. No, it is a pain free procedure; however, it may cause discomfort but no pain. Discomfort & minor side effects may be experienced due to pulling & pushing of applicator during massaging. 
  • It is a substitute for weight loss regime & endeavors. No, It is meant to sculpt away that stubborn fat which is hindering your aspiration to have ‘ideal figure’. This procedure ideally requires you to keep up a healthy regime which includes nutritional diet and daily exercise in order to impart excellent results. It is not a weight loss solution. 
  • It may cause permanent damage to the skin. No, it is perfectly safe and FDA approved medical procedure which is performed by expert doctors & trained healthcare providers. It does not harm any surrounding skin tissues or cells. 
  • Cool sculpting offers instant results. No, the procedure requires certain weeks to acclimatize in the body as stubborn fat cells do not flush out quite rapidly and then these destroyed cells are to be absorbed by the body via a riddance process. In the nutshell, it may take weeks or in some cases, months after the procedure to exhibit results. 
  • It works only on stomach area. No, it can virtually be applied to any body part that carries stubborn fat cells. 
  • Cool sculpting helps in tightening skin & improves laxity of skin: No, it is a fat reduction treatment and does not improve skin sagging. 
  • It is a permanent solution for stubborn fat. No, it works till you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

How Etoileskin can help you in getting the best cool sculpting treatment? 

Etoileskin is gaining repute in Calgary for its effective and result-orienting cosmetic & skin care treatments. We are in the process of providing this fantastic fat reduction treatment in our clinic. Our core objective is to render outstanding treatment to our clients. Thus, we are equipping ourselves with necessary equipment and experts in the field. Meanwhile, we are here to clarify all your doubts and queries about this cool treatment in advance so that you can prepare yourself with smiles & confidence. 

Get detailed counseling from our clinic about its procedure, any possible discomforts of this procedure and the essential need to maintain healthy lifestyle in order to attain expected results. 

Today, our dedicated practice in cosmetic science has helped us in carving a niche for us as best emerging skin care clinic in Calgary.