How to prevent Adult Acne


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Adult Acne is seen commonly.  There is a number of prevention methods one can follow.

1. Regular Skin routine – washing face with non-oily face wash at least twice a day especially in the morning and before bedtime. There is a no of acne specific face wash available over the counter. A toner and oil-free moisturizer after washing face.

2. Avoid direct sunlight and use mineral-based sunblock.

3. Avoid excessive sweating. This can block the glands and accumulation of bacteria.

4. Use a low dose of Retinoic acid cream at night regularly. 

5. Know a trigger for acne and avoid it. Some people get more acne after eating particular greasy food or spicy food.

6. Never sleep with makeup on your face.

7. Choose a nonoily makeup/foundation. 

8. Hydration, good sleep and avoiding stress helps.

9. Some people use medications to regulate their hormones. This can help prevent hormonal acne. These are birth control pills and Spironolactone.