IntimaLase is a YAG laser therapy. It is a unique incisionless, non-invasive photo thermal tightening of the vaginal canal. We offer a safe and easy treatment that is done in clinic by one of our specialized Doctors. Not a lot of clinics offer or advertise the need of such intimate treatments, as a matter fact lots of women are embarrassed to discuss this with their doctors, this can be hard on a woman emotionally. It is important that more women are aware of the available treatments that will help boost their confidence in this matter.

How does IntimaLase work?

A Smooth mode is applied to the vaginal tissue this stimulates collagenases aiding in remolding and the development of new collagen fibers inside the vaginal tissue.  This method is clinically safe and effective giving woman a more natural and safe approach to their intimate concerns.

Heating of collagen causes immediate contractions and fibers become shorter and thicker this outcome allows the area and surrounding tissue to shrink.

With this method the tissue can become enriched with new collagen, improving vaginal laxity and reducing the effects of vaginal relaxation syndrome, prompting new collagen and giving back a woman’s confidence.

How many treatments are required?Number of treatment varies from client to client and each individual circumstance is different. We highly recommend seeing one of our specialized Doctors for a free consultation and proper assessment to determine the best course of treatments.