Intraoral face lifting


What is intraoral face lift? It is a treatment that treats from the inside out, targeting the loss of laxity, through collagen induction. This treatments improves, tightens the elasticity of the skin creating a plumping effect for a much fuller look.

Why do we lose laxity in the skin?

Collagen is responsible for creating younger looking skin. It holds cells together and provides a supportive system to the dermis. As we age this process slows down dramatically and less collagen is produced causing wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. Free radicals, sun exposure, toxins like smoking, drugs and alcohol can increase this process even further.

How can we reduce the loss of collagen?

You can slow down the loss of collagen by maintaining a healthy and consistent life style along with a consistent skin regimen. Reducing the amount of sun exposure by using sunblock helps protect the skin from aging, drinking a healthy amount of water aids in providing moisture to the cells and keeps the skin hydrated reducing the effects of trans-epidermal water loss.

How safe and comfortable is the procedure?

The procedure is safe and comfortable because we are using a laser device to heat up the inner walls of the mouth to produce collagen; the procedure may feel warm at times but very comfortable. No adverse side effects are associated with the treatment.

What are the treatment expectations?

This procedure will require you to keep your mouth open as it is done inside the mouth, you may feel a little warming sensation. After the procedure you may experience a bit of swelling and redness but this will subside within a few hours post treatment.

How many treatments are required?

We always opt for achieving realistic results with all treatments, generally 2-3 treatments are recommended and results will vary from person to person, most patients see results immediately after one treatment.