It is very interesting how the drug bimatoprost which is used in an eye condition called Glaucoma caused eyelashes to grow longer. Patients suffering from Glaucoma who used this medicine came back complaining long eyelashes and wanted them to be trimmed.

LATISSE® is a brand name for Bimatoprost used in growing the eyelashes naturally which are fuller and darker. Forget about high maintenance and expensive eyelash extensions. LATISSE® is a prescription eyelash enhancement treatment that is the first and only approved for health Canada. It works to extend the growth phase of hair and increase the number of hair.  Studies have shown that when LATISSE® was applied people experienced darker and fuller lashes and length increased up to 25%. One should visit their doctor first to make sure that this is an appropriate treatment for you. When applying LATISSE® use the sterile applicator and dab on upper eyelash to remove any excess liquid. Use nightly for up to two months to see the dramatic results.

At Etoileskin, you can safely get LATISSE® after Consultation with our team of doctors. 


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