Lose Abdominal Fat without an incision or anesthesia

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Abdominal fat can surely hurt a lot. Katherine tried hard to lose the extra fat on her tummy but all in vain. She gave up her favorite foods, and she started gym regularly, but nothing seemed to work. To top it, the paunch would show up every time, everywhere embarrassing her to no ends. Before, someone from her office suggested Cool Sculpting and advised her to meet an aesthetician she knew.

Cool Sculpting is one of the most favored methods of losing abdominal fat. It is a non-surgical way of getting into shape, especially removing the stubborn fat pockets from the abdomen, thighs, arms, and back. 

Surgical versus non-surgical ways of getting rid of abdominal fat

Getting rid of localized fat can be one of the most difficult tasks. Liposuction, a surgical process of reducing bulges, has been around for years now. It was the go-to procedure for years for people wishing to show off their picture-perfect curves. It is a surgical process that leads to the permanent reduction of fat. 

However, in recent times, non-surgical methods are gaining popularity as these procedures do not require anesthesia or incision. These methods are way faster than liposuction or other surgical procedures.


During the 1980s and 1990s, this medical procedure became very popular because of its delivered effective results. The procedure can be carried out only by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The procedure involves the removal of excess using a cannula, a tiny and hollow tube. Using suction, the excess fat is removed from places where the surgeon moves the cannula through, resulting in a well-sculpted body. Liposuction needs to be carried out under anesthesia, and the recovery period post-surgery is about six weeks. The cost of liposuction surgery is also comparatively higher than the non-surgical methods. 

Non-surgical methods

Some of the popular non-surgical and non-invasive fat elimination procedures include

1. Cool Sculpting : This procedure is the most effective method of achieving a finely sculpted shape as it helps remove excess fat from targeted areas. It is the most useful in removing fat from localized trouble spots, for example, the hip or the abdomen. The method uses a specialized Cryolipolysis device to cool off the fat cells and suffocate them to die. The device works only in the targeted area without affecting the tissues nearby. The dead cells get flushed off the body in the days after the surgery, and the full result starts to show in about three months. It is a non-invasive method of removing excess stubborn fat bulges.

2. Trusculpt  : In this method, too, fat cells are killed but with the help of radiofrequency technology. 

3. Bodytite : It is another minimally invasive process that uses radiofrequency energy to remove unwanted fat deposits. The fat is dissolved with the help of an internal probe, and an external applicator uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin further. It is minimally invasive as an incision is required for the insertion of the internal applicator probe. 

Advantages of non-surgical methods 

  • No incision, anaesthesia, or scars
  • Little downtime
  • Minimal side-effects generally
  • Results show gradually 
  • These procedures are perfect for people who are near to their ideal weight.