NightLase Snoring


Revolutionary NightLase treatment that gives you a good night’s sleep.

The clinical and medical aesthetics has come so far in high quality equipment advances, so much so that now we can offer a variety of alternative treatments for patients who don’t want to seek evasive treatment procedures that require lots of downtime. We now offer a treatment that helps with those clients who seek relief from snoring.  Snoring is a common problem affecting more than 40% of man and woman.

The NightLase anti-snoring treatment helps reduce the amount of time and volume of snoring without anesthetic, surgery or downtime. The laser treatment opens the airways leasing to improved sleep, better breathing and overall better health

How does it work?

The treatment works by tightening the bulky tissue at the roof of the mouth near the tonsils, this helps in allowing air to flow easily, this then decreases the snoring and helps with sleep apnea concerns.

Is the treatment safe to do?

The treatment is very safe and is a natural non evasive approach to helping reduce the snoring problem and sleep apnea, giving you a well-rested sleep. The medical grade device is built to keep all surrounding and treated tissue safe and requires no anesthetics. Treatment is comfortable and clinical studies support the positive outcomes of this alternative treatment.

How many treatments are required?

Patients feel the positive affects after just one treatment but significant results are noticed after the third treatment where clinical studies report improvement to snoring and sleep apnea

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