Wrinkles, jowls, and eye bags are just a few of the inevitable signs of aging. In the past, surgeries for face lift were the only way to counter those signs. But, thanks to the revolutionary non-invasive laser skin tightening procedure, one can get back into more youthful, toned and healthy appearance. The procedures are safe with no downtime.

Fotona 3D/4D Lifting is everything you need in a facial treatment combined into one powerful session. It restores volume in the sagging area for instant lifting results, stimulates collagen production to tighten facial tissues, reduces pigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles for better tone and texture. Finally, a laser peel to minimizes the fine lines and pores.

Because no injectables are used, Fotona 3D/4DLifting triggers the body’s natural collagen production to lift the skin and improve complexation. The results are natural and instant with no downtime.

Fotona 3D/4d Lifting is preferred as a non-invasive procedure that is rapid, safe, and pain-free. Treatments can be customizable to provide the precise need of your skin condition.

The Process

  • Initial Consultation
  • Procedure Duration: Approximately 2 hour per session
  • Treatments required for Optimal Results: 3 treatments with 4 weeks apart. Count to the decade/year.
  • Recovery Time: No downtime

Clinical Results