Why EtolieSkin is the best emerging Botox clinic in Calgary?

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The best emerging Botox clinic

In this fast pacing world of competition, we are facing grave challenges like stress, contamination in food, environmental impacts, anxiety etc. These factors,immensely impacts the beauty of our skin in the form of aging, wrinkles, creases, dark circles and loosening of skin elasticity. We all do our best to maintain our skin by following a healthy routine of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting it from sun or pollutants. But, let’s face the hard facts here. As we start crossing the age of 40’s, our skin starts taking a toll of aging and pollution. The visible signs are deep facial wrinkles, formation of creases and loosening of skin which can make you appear older than you actually sense or feel.

Keep your worries aside as EtolieSkin is here to be your best guide!!

Cosmetic science has discovered amazing techniques and procedures to enhance, nourish and maintain the beauty of our body. EtolieSkin proffers you an extremely popular and least invasive beauty treatment i.e. ‘BOTOX’.  

What is ‘Botox’ and how it can help you revive your beauty?

Botox is the first injectible drug that gained recognition for treating face-wrinkles and aging conditions. It contains ‘Botulinum Toxin’ that aids in relaxing muscles and delays their contraction by blocking the signals from nerves to respective muscle. With time, this treatment started becoming useful in treating other conditions also like strabismus, hyperhidrosis etc. In addition, it is a quick procedure with no downtime!!

Important points to consider:

  • The effect of this treatment lasts upto 6 long months and then the patient again needs re-treatment.
  • Botox can be seen as a prevention method also and can be started before the advent of aging signs or creases/wrinkles.
  • There could be certain side-effects of this treatment like dry mouth, discomfort, fatigue, drooping eyelids, decreased eyesight, dry eyes, temporary bruising etc.
  • Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, patients with neuro-diseases should not seek Botox treatment.


  • Botox is only for women. No, it is not gender-biased.
  • With Botox, you will look frozen. It happens only if it is injected incorrectly.
  • Botox is a permanent solution. No, it yields temporary results that last for 4-6 months depending on the patient and his needs.
  • Botox is not safe. No, it is an established procedure in cosmetic dermatology for last 20+ years and is completely safe.
  • Botox treats only wrinkles. No, it is useful in lifting eyebrows, chin-dimpling, softening jawlines, raising drooping corners of mouth and treating other conditions.
  • Botox can be injected at home by anyone. Ofcourse not, it is a medical treatment and should be performed by experts& certified doctors or healthcare professionals.
  • Once you stop the treatment, you will look worse. No, you will retain your same old self as before Botox treatment. So, no apprehensions here.

So, if you want to get rid of deep wrinkles and soften creases, stay young and stimulate the glow of your skin, seek the best Botox treatment from one of the best emerging Botox cosmetic clinics in Calgary, i.e., EtolieSkin.

How EtolieSkin is different from others?

The clinic is known amongst the high performing Botox clinics in Calgary for its outstanding treatment service and execution. At EtolieSkin, we aim to give the best customized Botox treatment to our patients depending on their needs and conditions. We have a team of experienced and diligent doctors who personally assign themselves to carefully and strategically inject Botox at the right place on your skin or face. The objective is to leave no room for errors at the hands of nurses or residents. 

Our treatment starts only when the patient thoroughly understands the procedure and gives his willful consent. Hence, our specialists explain the cause, effects and requirements of the required Botox procedure vividly. Our Botox treatment is very effective because we are meticulous in measuring the apt dose of dilution needed for the respective treatment and inject them with extreme caution & expertise.Last but not the least, our treatments are market competitive and leave the scope of flexibility when it comes to pricing.