The science behind laser skin tightening


Let’s talk targeting skin in several layers with our Medical grade FOTONA laser device.

Etoile Skin offers targeted treatments to best suit your needs, from low collagen producing treatments to deeply targeted treatments that help plump, lift and tighten skin anywhere in the body.

Fotona is a high medical grade device that is suitable for all skin types, tones and texture.

We offer treatments that help smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, erase dark spots and treatments that aid in achieving beautiful face contouring.

So how does all this so called skin tightening work?

The science behind skin tightening is the superficial or deep stimulation of collagen production, the beauty of our device is that it stimulates this collagen from the outside in, penetrating deeply for synergistic tightening; the great thing about this process is that the effects continue to work even after treatment, so results continue to produce.

What are the expectations after this treatment?

You can expect to see smooth skin, firmer and more toned skin, an increase in overall appearance in the treated area.

How many treatments are required?

We recommend between 3-4 sessions for satisfactory results
What makes our clinic different than the rest; we never compromise the skin and safety of our patients. We have a highly qualified staff with extensive knowledge in Medical laser devices as well as an extensive aesthetics background, along with our team of Doctors who are extremely knowledgeable and always available to guide and help outline specific programs for each individual client.

We have no wait list to be seen by our doctors for skin concerns and offer free consultations.