Tight sculpting & fat reduction


A deeper approach to skin tightening.

More and more men and woman are seeking alternative treatments to get rid of stubborn fat, when hitting the gym still doesn’t completely eliminate that unwanted fat, people are turning to advanced laser treatments that help reduce those particular areas of concern.

How does skin tightening work?

We use a method that has been clinically proven to work on breaking down unwanted fat by bulk heating the area multiple times. First we must understand how fat cells form and become stubborn over time. With diet and exercise fat cells reduce in size but don’t leave our system they are dormant until they are required to store fat again. This is the frustrating affect that yo-yo dieters face.  With the fotona device we use a piano mode that penetrates deep and heats the fat cells to 42-45 degrees Celsius and causes them to enter apoptosis (programmed cell death), thus producing tightening and lifting affects my destroying fat cells.

Treatment expectations

During a laser skin tightening procedure you can expect a warming sensation during the treatment at times the treated area will feel like mild sunburn that is quite normal. We are essentially bulk heating the treated area to 45 degrees Celsius to maintain heat that will properly break down adipose tissue (fat). The treatment is generally quite comfortable and takes about an hour depending on how many areas you want to treat. 

Where can we treat?

We can safely and effectively treat any area of the body as we don’t have limitations of having to suction areas, or belt templates having to be fitted. We use a free handheld device which makes all areas of concern easily treatable.

Steps to consider ensuring successful treatments:

As a patient set realistic expectations, keep a photo diary of your progress before and after as well as a food diary so that you can also hold yourself accountable for making healthy food choices. Monitor your weight and drink plenty of water as this helps push out toxins and reduces water retention. Lastly keep up with your recommended appointments so that you achieve good results along with your treatment provider. A series of 4 treatments two weeks apart is recommended; some patients may desire or require additional sessions