Two months ago, I would not imagine myself blogging about a Pandemic. As we are adapting to the new normal, we keep thinking about the times of previous normalcy. The nostalgia overpowers at times. Looking back, EtoileSkin has come a long way. Staff and doctors at EtoileSkin have contributed towards the growth of the clinic. We were starting to see some positive results and happy clients.  We were hoping to extend our services by purchasing some more machines and training. With the arrival of Pandemic, Public Health of Alberta announced closures of non essential services on 27th March 2020. We felt disappointed but it was essential to close the clinic. I feel for all the people who were in the middle of treatments. At the same time, I feel hopeful that we will be allowed to safely open the clinic once the situation is under control. 

        I would like to offer my support and advise to our existing clients as well as welcome any new clients. 

        For clients of laser hair removal services, I would suggest that they can go back to epilation and waxing. Once the clinic opens, they can have a window period of 3 weeks before they can restart the treatment. If they get tanned due to sunlight, they will have to wait longer before they can return to laser hair removal.

          For patients and clients of acne and acne scars, they should continue to use prescription medications prescribed to them. Self-care is very important including having a good skin routine. Please refer to our FAQ on ‘Prevention of Acne’. 

          For people using botox and fillers, I suggest using Endor Anti-aging cream. This helps to boost collagen and tighten the skin. The product is available by mailing us. 

           For people suffering from Malesma, please mail us for further advice. We have an Alumier Rejuvenating Collection available. I can also prescribe you medicine to help with skin pigmentation.

          If you are working out and would like to firm skin, try our Endor anti-cellulite cream. This will replace tightsculpting for this interim period, The cream can be used on thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen. 

          Above are the popular services. If you are a user of the clinic’s other services and have questions, or want to book a virtual consultation, I would be happy to help you with a video call. Stay safe till we meet again. 

Dr Ruchika Swaro

Etoileskin Team